Nikola's storing WHEAT and CORN

December 20, 2015Posted by Nikola


Excelent work...

Complex procedure of storing cereals is followed with many technological regulations. It's very difficult work. At the beginning you mast have clear trailor of truck for transporting cereals. After organisation of transport agricultural resources from, eather the field and storing cells, you have to provide clear unloading place next to the storing cells. You must have enough capacity of people who works on unloading. Next to that, capacity of space in the cells must be provided by corporation. Different quality of cereals requests many models for storing. Classification by quality must be execured with real analises which are given by controller of quality.


Storage cells 2Storage cells 2


Storage cells 3Storage cells 4


truck with wheat unloading wheat place unloading wheat place 2


unloading wheat place 6


unloadin wheat place 3 unloading wheat place 4 unloadin wheat place 5